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Distilling Alcohol Courses – DFS Schmickl
Online Distilling Classes and Distilling Workshops

Learn in our online distilling alcohol courses and distilling alcohol workshops the distillation of outstanding spirits and fruit brandies – learn how to distill easily top-quality alcohol at home. The hands-on course covers correct harvest, how to make the mash, distillation of alcohol, construction and design of an alcohol still, plenty of recipes for mashes, infusions, and spirits as well as bottling your distilled alcohol.

Online Distilling Alcohol Courses

In these practical distilling classes you learn all steps on the basis of pictures, videos, descriptions, and charts. Watch our point-of-view videos to see every single processing step in detail. You study the online distilling alcohol seminar at your own speed, completed by a test and a certificate.

Online Distilling Alcohol Courses

Distilling Alcohol Workshop

In the distilling alcohol workshop you learn in one and a half days all secrets of home distilling. On the first day of the distilling alcohol course you learn all about the theory of making alcohol at home. The hands-on training is carried out on the whole second day: in the distilling alcohol workshop you distill independently alcohol by yourself with a provided copper pot still. Afterwards you measure the alcohol content of your own distilled spirits and dilute the moonshiners. The workshop takes place in Klagenfurt, Carinthia (Austria).

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