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Alcohol Distillation at Home – Learn Distilling Alcohol Step by Step

The Artisan’s Guide to Crafting Distilled Spirits – The Practical Guide for Alcohol Distillation

If you want to learn the alcohol distillation process and how to distill high quality alcohol at home, read our book The Artisan’s Guide to Crafting Distilled Spirits. The book implies the whole process of distilling alcohol and explains also the necessary equipment for alcohol distillation:

How to Make a Mash

Prior to get a great distilled spirit, you have to prepare the perfect mash. The quality of the fruit mash is the basis for your homemade distilled alcohol. A spirit made of rotten and dirty fruit will never result in a high quality spirit. In the book you find detailed instructions and recipes how to make a good mash for your home distillation. Possible problems and required measurements are explained too.

How Alcohol Distillation Works

The book also contains detailed descriptions on separating the heads, hearts, and tails. When is it necessary to perform a double alcohol distillation and on which conditions is a single distillation sufficient for perfect distilled alcohol? You learn exactly how to produce perfect distilled alcohol at home – in short, the entire process of distilling alcohol.

Home Distillation of Alcohol – the Stills

How to construct a still to get the maximum flavor of the distillate? Which materials can be used? How to construct respectively recognize a fully functional still? Regardless if you want to construct a still by yourself or if you want to buy one: here you learn the necessary know-how for a perfect still for your homemade brandies.

Diluting the Alcohol

Detailled description of the diluting process including formulas and calculations to make perfect alcohol at home. Additionally you will find hints for storage and artificial aging of your homemade brandies.


Many recipes for distilling alcohol at home with detailed specifications for mashes, infusions, and spirits. You learn exactly how to prepare and distill alcohol at home.