how to make homemade vinegar Mixing Vinegar, Alcohol, and Starter

Mixing Vinegar, Alcohol, and Starter

An optimal acetic acid - alcohol ratio ensures a clean fermentation start.

Whether surface, generator, or submerged process, the initial mixture to start a vinegar fermentation should contain a certain amount of acetic acid or rather vinegar to avoid off-taste and moldy smell. The heightened acetic acid content protects against most kinds of unwanted microorganisms and vinegar eels. Alcohol is food for the vinegar bacteria. A solution with 4 % acetic acid and 2 % alcohol has proven the most effective mixture in practice.

(ACTUAL) Liquid I:
Acid Content
% acidity
Alcohol Content

(ACTUAL) Liquid II: % acidity % ABV liters
(ACTUAL) starter: % acidity % ABV liters
(TARGET) mixture: % acidity % ABV liters

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