Online Seminar

Online Seminar on Producing Essential Oils and Hydrosols

In this seminar and on basis of the instructional videos, participants will learn the art of producing essential oils and hydrosols with maximum oil yield and hydrosol intensity. We cover the whole process, beginning with the harvest and preparation of the plant material up to distilling and separating the oil from the hydrosol.
The online courses are classified as follows:
  • The online essential oil seminar: Learn all issues and the full background of the whole process in the film version of our book The Essential Oil Maker’s Handbook. All procedures are demonstrated clearly and practically and fully explained in easy-to-understand language. Receive your Certificate of Completion after passing an exam. IN PROCESS
  • Short instructional videos: Watch us at work. Details and quantities are displayed in form of subtitles.
The list of videos is updated continuously.

online course: in process

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