SPECIALIST QUESTIONS Production of Alcohol and Spirits at Home

SPECIALIST QUESTIONS Production of Alcohol and Spirits at Home

In this internet forum on how-to-make-spirits-at-home Dr. Schmickl answers specialist questions on the production of alcohol, mash perparation, stills constructions, diluting alcohol, recipes and many more.

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Post no. 3

I want to make Gin just in small amounts for myself. How does vapor infusion work?

thanks for your answer,
Ginny, London
2015-Aug-25 20:48:12
This is quite easy: put the botanicals into a steamer basket and pour tasteless alcohol with approx. 12 % ABV in the kettle below the basket. The photo shows the mixture for 1.5 liters of alcohol. Our book contains a detailed recipe of the ingredients.
Post no. 2
Are rowan berries poisonous?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Seppi, Upper Austria
2015-Aug-25 11:56:22
Yes, if you eat them. But if boiling them not. So a rowan berry brandy is not poisonous.
Post no. 1
What exactly is the "first runnings separating test"?
Klaus, Styria
2015-Aug-25 11:41:14
This is a rapid test to detect if a spirit contains heads. The test results in three possible colors: yellow --> OK, light green --> fair, dark green --> not advisable to drink
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